Alle Mann an Deck


A pirate captain is nothing without his crew. You have to hire the crew that gives you the most treasure points.

Only those who choose wisely and collect the right combination of crew mates will have a chance to outmaneuver their enemies. You should not shy away from stealing your rival captain's crew or treasure points and gaining the upper hand while hiring crew members.

Only the captain who is clever and combines cards with foresight will set sail as one of the most infamous of pirates. Once you have hired your crew it's time to say «All Hands On Deck» and you are ready to gather valuable treasure points.


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  • Verlag
    King Racoon Games
  • Anzahl Spieler
    2 - 6
  • Sprache
    Deutsch, Englisch
  • Mindestalter
  • Spieldauer
  • Komplexität