Gameorama - Virtual-Reality-Arena

In our new virtual reality arena, up to 4 players can dive into the virtual world at the same time.

There are 7 different games to choose from - from a snowball fight to a pirate cook-off to a zombie shooter. 

The games last between 3 and 5 minutes. Spectators can follow what their friends are experiencing in the game on monitors. 

A trip to the VR arena is perfect for team events, family outings or a get-together with friends.

The event can of course also be combined with an aperitif.

Launch offer

You can rent the VR Arena for groups of 4 to 8 people at the price of CHF 190 for 50 minutes.



Booking Reservation

Minimum age

8 years
Maximum group size 8 people
People who can play at the same time 4 people
Cost per group CHF 190.–
Number of different games 7
Playing time per game 3–10 minutes
Total playing time 50 minutes
Meeting place 10 minutes before the start of the match at the Gameorama reception.
Clothing Comfortable clothing and no heeled shoes
Drinks Can be purchased on site



Most games have different levels and are available in different degrees of difficulty.

Groove Guardians

Type of game Minimum age
Rhythm and dance game 8 years

Captain Cook

Type of game Minimum age
Cooperative cooking game 8 years

Cold Clash

Type of game Minimum age
Snowball fight with cute penguins 8 years

Zombyte 2.0

Type of game Minimum age
Cooperative Zombie Shooter 16 years

 Simurai Arena

Type of game Minimum age
Competitive tower control game 12 years


Type of game Minimum age
Cooperative futuristic shooter 12 years

Rig Rebels

Type of game Minimum age
Team shooter for people without fear of heights 12 years